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My current research focuses on outbound student mobility public policies in Canada and Europe. I am especially interested in the intersection between higher education, public policy, political philosophy, and policy rhetoric.


For over a decade, in Canada, the predominant political, policy, and advocacy discourses concerning international student mobility have focused on incoming international students: attracting, training, and retaining them. My current research seeks to redress this rhetorical imbalance. From a social constructivist perspective, my research analyses study and work abroad public policies and discourses at the governmental level in order to understand their philosophical underpinnings.


Set within the context of comparative international higher education and public policy scholarship, my research also explores how European countries frame their policies and discourse on international student mobility to include the outward movement of students.

On a larger scale, I am also interested in questions of internationalization that affect public policy such as the hiring of foreign academics, foreign credential recognition, and the development and evolution of international education as a public policy at the jurisdictional level.


See below for my research contributions.

Scroll down if you'd like to see or hear me discussing my research to date.


Barbarič, D. (2021, January). Who advocates for international experiences abroad and how do we know if they are inclusive? The challenges of outbound student mobility public policy-making in Canada. Presentation at the 2021 Virtual Conference on Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization, co-organized by the UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education Towards Sustainability and York University.

Barbaric, D. (2017, May). La défense et illustration de la mobilité internationale étudiante sortante au Québec et au Canada. Paper presentation at the 85th Annual Conference of the Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS), Montreal, Canada. 



Boston College Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) (Producer). (2016, November 9). International faculty in higher education. Comparative perspectives on recruitment, integration, and impact [Audio podcast] (Podcast File #25). 

Interview with Dr. Maria Yudkevich, Diane Barbaric, and Dr. Aliya Kuzhabekova.

Podcast 25: International Faculty in Higher Education - Boston College CIHE

Barbaric, D. (2016, April). Canada's incomplete conception of international student mobility: Are we missing the boat?. Seminar at the Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE), University College London Institute of Education (IOE), London, UK. 

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